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Rick Openshaw
Senior Partner

Rick brings over 30 years’ experience to consumer and small business lending, technology platforms and design infrastructures and payments processing. Prior to establishing Sound Solutions Consulting Group in 2012, Rick has spent his time working with the financial industry in both the risk management and technology sectors. During this period of time, Rick has worked for Citibank in areas of Portfolio Risk management and technology development. While working at First Annapolis, successfully managed unsecured lending businesses for both originations and portfolio risk management on BankBoston and Harris. During his 10 years with MasterCard, he managed the Portfolio Risk Management and Analytics global consulting business that delivered multiple successful solutions for several global businesses. Also, working with both the FICO and Equifax corporations, have developed managed the delivery of many products and services, leveraging the latest in cloud services and technologies.

His expertise in origination and portfolio risk management, system design/implementations, fraud management, collections management, modeling and analytics has resulted in a consistent record of strong contributions and leadership in each assignment at a global level.

Expertise in:

  • Consumer Life Cycle Risk Management
  • Small Business Lending
  • Banking Regulatory and Compliance
  • Credit Bureau / Data Analytics
  • Origination Fraud Management
  • Transactional Fraud Management
  • Report Delivery and Management
  • Business Process / System Design
  • Decision Management Platforms
  • Management Information Systems
  • Cloud Technology and Delivery services
Lynne Constantine
Managing Partner

Lynne has extensive marketing experience in traditional and digital marketing. Her background includes senior marketing positions in the financial services industry where she honed her expertise in: direct marketing, branding, positioning, product development, targeting, segmentation, portfolio management, and managing cross-functional teams. Lynne has a deep understanding of today’s marketing landscape and the changes social media has brought to it.

She is a fiction author who leveraged her marketing expertise to build her own social platform and use it to boost her sales and promote her books. She is a pubic speaker, talking to organizations about using social media to achieve their marketing objectives and has helped many authors and entrepreneurs build their own social media following.


  • Branding
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Targeting and Segmentation
  • Content Curation
  • Email Marketing
  • Public Speaking
  • Reporting and Analysis