Sound Solutions Consulting Group

Providing Sound Solutions for Risk Management and Marketing

Risk Management

Risk Management

Regulatory Compliance and Risk

We help our clients develop a comprehensive understanding of the operational landscape and the associated change management processes required to enable them to meet the regulatory changes, market dislocations and/or changes in business strategy. Our goal is to assist clients to go beyond meeting new compliant guidelines, and become more successful in the changing marketing landscape.

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Emerging threats remain constant within today’s financial landscape. We work with our clients to understand the latest technology, products and services, to leverage state-of-the-art detection and newly developed tools and technology. Our goal is to assist our clients in developing strategies that best mitigate fraud losses while not negatively impacting their customers.

Portfolio Management

We do more than just assist our clients with managing their portfolios: we offer proper portfolio monitoring and optimization practices that drive to more profitable portfolios. By utilizing a combination of analytical and operational expertise we ensure that strategies can be effectively executed within the realities of each client’s environment.

Loss Mitigation

Balance between risk and pricing is critical: it is the difference between driving losses up or reducing them. Assisting clients in performing a portfolio performance evaluation will identify areas that need to be addressed, in order to develop a customized solution to increase performance.

Fraud / Risk Analytics

Critical to the success of your business, analytics identifies changes within the portfolio throughout the lifecycle of the customer. High-performance organizations see fraud and risk analytics as less of an obligation and more of an opportunity. They proactively build strategic, preemptive capabilities focused on real business benefits. We can help you understand and measure business solutions that drive competitive differentiation, infuse risk awareness across the organization, and help you invest in continuous improvement.


Subject matter experts deliver core curriculum covering lifecycle consumer lending. We provide a comprehensive overview of the consumer lending business; participants learn the essentials about closed-end loans, indirect loans, and related credit products, tracing the consumer lending process from loan development to collection and recovery.